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LED lights at The Hive in London’s Kew Gardens are controlled by a bee colony

The Hive Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens has just unveiled their newest project – The Hive, a pavilion-like structure designed to look like a bee’s hive from a distance.

However, there is more to the project than just aesthetics. The construction, built by artist Wolfgang Buttress, was inspired by scientific research into the health of bees.

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Due to enhanced agricultural techniques that have decimated wildflowers in the UK, bees have been on the decline. This is worrying. Some research suggests that food supply pollinated by bees feeds a third of the world. Put simply, if bees die out, so will humans.The Hive Kew Gardens

The 17-metre high structure is built from aluminum welded together to form a lattice effect and fitted with thousands of LED lights which fade and glow depending on the activity of a real beehive behind the scenes. This gives visitors an insight into life inside a bee colony.

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The Hive will be on display at Kew until the end of 2017. To book tickets click hereThe Hive Kew Gardens The Hive Kew Gardens The Hive Kew Gardens

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