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Largest flumes in the world turned into skateboarding half pipes for a day

Skateboarding water park in Dubai

The Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai, United Arab Emirates hosts two of the largest water flumes in the world, the Aquaconda and Zoomerango rides.

Every year the park is closed for one day so that the maintenance teams can move in and make sure everything is in good working order.

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This year, the daredevils over at Red Bull managed to convince the park’s owners to allow three of their finest skateboarders exclusive access to the waterless rides as Aquaventure was turned into their own private skate park.

Alex Sorgente, Jan Hoffman and Milton Martinez were the three lucky young skaters who got to kickflip, ollie and noseslide their way around the deserted park, with their antics being captured on the promotional video above.

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Though they make it all look like child’s play, don’t be fooled: skating solo in a park of this monumental magnitude is a feat dangerous enough that only the world’s most skilled boarders are able to tackle it.

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Having said that, it’s hardly likely you’ll be able to try it at home, given the one-off nature and exclusive surroundings of the stunt.

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