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The thrill of amusement parks is forever popular, but imagine the excitement of roller coasters and ferris wheels mixed with the relaxing indulgence of a spa.

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A city in Japan announced last week that it would build the world’s first ‘spamusement’ park, but only if their promotional video was viewed more than a million times. So far, it’s had over 2 million views, and the mayor has confirmed that the plans will go ahead.

The city in question is called Beppu, which is famed for having one of the world’s most abundant sources of hot springs, with 83,058 litres of water flowing per minute. The idea originated at a symposium to discuss ways of promoting the area, but no one expected the plan to become quite so popular.

The quirky promotional video shows visitors enjoying an imaginative array of hot tub based rides, including a carousel and a cable car. As spa tradition demands, patrons will enjoy the facilities wearing nothing but a towel.

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It hasn’t been announced when the park will be built, or whether the reality will be anything like the video, but a spokesman for the local tourist board confirmed designers are working on the logistics.

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