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Beanie Babies, the smash hit toys from the 90s, have always fascinated me, but perhaps not for the reason you’d think. You see, I purchased several of these little bears but never played with them. They weren’t nearly as useful as G.I. Joe’s for combat, or as entertaining as a remote control anything… yet the craze still had me asking for the little bears for birthday gifts and Christmas.

I remember even as a kid the craze about how they’d be worth something one day. Perhaps that’s the reason I wanted them. Because one thing is for sure, they remained motionless state and just gathered dust the entire time I had them. Then, of course, I donated mine to the local thrift store without even checking to see if they were worth anything. Yep, that was a big mistake.

As you already know, the self-fulfilling prophecy of Beanie Babies being worth something one day came to fruition — at least for certain bears.

So, to say it frankly, if you have one of these seven bears with its original tag, get ready to cash in.

1. The Peace Bear

Peace Bear, Beanie Baby

The pattern on the Peace Bear differs with each one made. They are truly unique and could sell for up to $30,000. Ridiculous, I know.

2. Claude the Crab

beanie baby, claude the crab

Good ol’ Claude was released in 1997 and has recently been sold online for $10,000 in mediocre condition.

3. Millennium Bear

millennium beanie baby bear

Millennium Bear was released in 1999, — back before the world was supposed to end and all computers were expected to crash — to celebrate the forthcoming millennium. Now the bear is good for…