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Frozen took the nation by storm in 2013 and since then, the internet has seen myriad renditions — some good, others bad (like really bad) — of the songs from the movie.

It’s a few years old, but this video was too good to keep to ourselves.

In 2014, a little girl, who was there for a blood transfusion and is no stranger to hospital visits, had an unforgettable experience — all thanks to one special nurse. The girl’s mother wrote on Facebook, “So the bad news is that we’ve been in the hospital getting a blood transfusion but the good news is that we met the most awesome nurse Tom, who happens to be a fan of the movie Frozen.”

Andrea’s daughter loves Frozen, so her and Tom teamed up for what is now, arguably the cutest Frozen duet on the internet.

The newly formed partners decided to sing “Love Is an Open Door,” and it became an instant classic.

The video has garnered some serious attention, with almost 350,000 shares on Facebook and tons of comments.

One commenter spoke of the nurse and said, “OMG I love it! He even had the motions down.”

Another said, “AWWW!!! That brought tears to my eyes! Love seeing things like this….I can’t wait for her to be 100% again.”

And another, “LOVE IT!!!! The best thing I’ve seen in awhile! Thanks for sharing.”

Perhaps the best news of all, though, is that the young girl got to go home that same day.

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