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This historic Portuguese hotel is a bookworm’s dream (Photo gallery)

With busy lives, finding a time to read often gets pushed into holidays. If you’re someone who loves picking out a few titles for you trip abroad, we may very well have found the perfect spot for you.

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Housed in a historic building, The Literary Man hotel in the central Portuguese city of Óbidos is home to an astonishingly large collection of books. More the 50,000 titles adorn the shelves in the hotel’s huge library (which grows everyday), over half of which a free to use within the premises. It’s not just novels either. The international collection includes mint condition best sellers, childrens, history, philosophy, psychology, vintage and coffee-table books. There’s even 3,000 Portuguese titles available upon request.

After getting lost during the day in the charming 700-year-old medieval walled city and castle, a place which could have easily been imagined in the depths of a dusty book, visitors can return to read at the cosy hotel. Guests and their books aren’t banished to the rooms. The owners have created wonderfully atmospheric spots to read with arched columns, soft lighting and comfortable leather armchairs. There’s even an in-house gin bar which is, of course, also surrounded by books.

Óbidos is in the midst of a literary resurgence with several bookstores opening in recent years and the city playing host to the International Literature Festival in September.

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