Japanese architect firm Daigo Ishii have embarked on an interesting experiment – what happens to the image of a city when you change some of its elements? Will its underlying image still hold strong, or will it be transformed into something completely different?

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Tokyo overlay CopenhagenAs part of the Venezia Biennale 2016, the firm changed the ‘skin’ of a 6 major cities to include many the visual elements of Tokyo. They Tokyo-ize them with iconic neon signage, vending machines, banners and cherry blossom trees.

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The effect is jarring, particularly Paris in which the Eiffel Tower is changed into Japanese flag colours and people crowd the surrounding gardens, making the scene both foreign but familiar. What do you think? Can cities retain their identity even when transformed? Let us know your thoughts below.Tokyo overlay Buenos Aires Tokyo overlay Buenos Aires Venice Tokyo overlay Buenos Aires La Paz

via designboom / Daigo Ishii