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In late 2011 Peter Davies, who originally hails from New South Wales, gave himself the challenge of visiting every metro station in all of Mexico City, the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere.

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This wasn’t just a breezy ride on an underground train, Peter actually got off and explored every area surrounding each station, which in the end totalled 147. The number came down from 175 as some stations were counted twice where the lines crossed. He’s also recorded his findings in a painstaking blog mexicocitymetro.com.

Highlights included a museum built inside a model head of former president Benito Juárez, stray dogs leading him through the crowds, trying out countless taco stands and discovering amazing street art.

The Mexico City Metro is known as the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo or STC, and is the largest second largest metro system in North America after New York’s subway. As of 2015 it also ranked 9th in the world for number of passengers with 1.623 billion travellers riding the rails.

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This video with the music of Chava Flores was put together by Santiago Arau Pontones and creates an amazing timelapse of the Mexico City subway system using photos taken every 2 seconds placed in a 24 per second time line.