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What better way to look after the traffic than with cones displaying the guardian deity of travellers. Created by one of Japan’s leading contemporary artists Fusao Hasegawa, the colourful Jizō cones will go on sale this summer from 8,000 yen (US $80).

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One of the most beloved deities in Japan, Jizō Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in Sanskrit) translates to ‘earth womb’, and is also the guardian of children. Jizō is usually depicted in simply robes with no jewelry, clasping his hands in prayer and is often placed along roadsides to watch over travellers as they go on their way.

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The subtlety of the moldings means the deity isn’t noticed during the day, but by night when the beam of headlines shines over them they are sure to be seen.

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