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Regardless of how cool your grandmother is, we’ve found one that’s even cooler.

She’s adventurous. A daredevil. Cheating death at every turn…

Well, sort of.

Despite her “About” section on YouTube claiming her channel would contain news, travel tips and “recipes of dishes that have [been passed down from her] mom and grandmother,” she seems to have found a much more entertaining opportunity:

Risking life and limb through the magic of green screen.

Her videos include tight-rope-walking between skyscrapers…

horseback riding…

deep-sea diving…

butterfly watching…

magic-carpet flying…

and our personal favorite: wingsuit diving.

Initially we were worried that the wingsuit was being held together with just a few paperclips, but after the initial dive was a success, the only question on our minds was:

Will the fuel in her hand-jet-engines last long enough to make a solid landing?

Watch to the end to see for yourself. Trust us, it’s worth every (side-splitting) second.

We’re still not sure if Grandma is serious about this. Does she think she’s fooling us? Or does she know how ridiculous this all is? Either way, we love it and we’re dying to see more.

I guess if you can’t see the world IRL, the next best thing is a green screen.

Keep it up, Grandma.

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