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Gold Coast Attractions: Your Ultimate Must Do List – Yettio

Every tourist guide out there would advise you to go to a beach, eat at the local restaurants and experience the nightlife the destination has to offer. Unfortunately, most of these things have become quite uniformed. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to notice a difference between a Bangkok nightclub and the one located in Las Vegas, due to a myriad of tourists at both locations. Because of this, when it comes to this list of Gold Coast attractions, we will focus only on unique experience this city has to offer, be it a tourist or a local thing.

Gold Coast

A visit to the Dreamworld

The most interesting thing about this particular city is that, although sixth on the list of most populous Australian cities (just under Perth and Adelaide), it is a home to Australia’s largest theme park – the Dreamworld. It consists of over 40 rides and different attractions including five roller coaster rides. The park itself is divided into districts such as Ocean Parade, Wiggles World, Gold Rush Country, Tiger Island and Rocky Hollow. Each of them has its own unique theme that provides their visitors with a completely different experience of the place. It goes without saying that any family visit to the Gold Coast must include the Dreamworld.

Great shopping prospects

The Gold Coast offers amazing deals when it comes to shopping to both tourists and locals. Apart from Australia Fair in Southport and Pacific Fair in Broadbeach one can also pay a visit to one of the city’s most famous outlet shopping centers the Harbour Town. Apart from this, there is a myriad of markets and boutiques. All in all, this is just one of the reasons why some people who come to visit Gold Coast more than once decide to look for a real estate on the Gold Coast and eventually decide to settle here for good. Seeing how Gold Coast is a touristic hotspot, one can even decide to rent out the place and make a decent passive income from it year-round.

Gold Coast

Australian Outback Spectacular

For those with a bit more culture-oriented visit in mind, visiting an Australian Outback Spectacular is an absolute must. Here, you will get to witness a show that depicts some of the authentic Australian tales from 150 years ago. Incredible writing, amazing acting and a 52-piece orchestra are the elements that make this show truly amazing. It also poses a completely new angle of looking at the Australian history. At the very end, each member of the audience receives a complimentary stockman’s hat, which you can bring home as a souvenir. It will also serve as a reminder of this exceptional evening and one of the most unique experiences.

Hot-air ballooning

Of course, ballooning is not something exclusive to Gold Coast (you got us on this one), but flying above the vast fields and amazing coast of Queensland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can choose between a 30 or a 60 minute flight, depending on your disposition and itinerary. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the minimum age of all participants must be at least 4 and each booking requires at least two participants. Of course, such regulations allow you to turn this amazing experience into the most romantic date. Some people even used hot-air balloon rides as a perfect opportunity to propose to their significant other. Just make sure your partner is not terrified of heights, and you are good to go.Gold Coast

The most peculiar thing about this Australian metropolitan area is the fact that it represents a great cross-over between an ideal tourist destination and a great place to live in. No matter how common this may sound it is anything but. Be that as it may, no list would be elaborate enough to encompass absolutely everything that Gold Coast has to offer.

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