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Melissa Hie, better known by her Instagram account Girl Eat World, has been travelling the world for the last seven years, taking pictures of the local cuisine in each place she visits. Her project showcases the delicacies of specific parts of the globe with distinctive locations as the backdrop, garnering over 300,000 followers in the process.

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Originally from Indonesia, Melissa relocated to Singapore for work in 2009 on her own. At the time, she did not consider herself an adventurous type and the challenge of moving to a new city and a new country without family or friends proved to be difficult enough.

However, Singapore’s strategic location allowed her to travel to many other Asian tourism hotspots, unearthing a love for globetrotting she never knew she had. Since many of her trips were solo sojourns and she disliked selfies, Melissa decided to combine her new-found passion with a lifelong love for food – and Girl Eat World was born.

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Inspire yourself to visit somewhere new – or simply try a new dish – by checking out her Instagram or her official blog. What will you eat next… and where?

?? Bucket list ☑️ The majestic Treasury at Petra, Jordan had been in my bucket list for a very long time and I’m ecstatic to cross it off today. The Treasury needs no introduction. If it looks familiar, you may have seen it in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. Built around 200-300 BC through sandstone carving by the Nabateans, The Treasury has become the ultimate symbol of Jordan. It was absolutely magical to see this in person. These days not many things gives butterflies in my stomach with anticipation, but butterflies were definitely fluttering today as I walked down the 1.2km siq leading up to it. However The Treasury really is just a tiny fraction of what the rose city Petra has to offer. There are so much history to experience here, and the city is only 50% uncovered with much of the excavation and research done with the help of Brown University. This is a Za’atar and roasted sesame filled bread we got from a local bakery before heading into Petra. Za’atar is a well-loved herb here in the middle east. I was told you can most definitely expect to find Za’atar in every household in Jordan. The taste is tangy and very flavorful, making it an excellent pair for bread. #VisitJordan #ShareYourJordan #ShotOniPhone6sPlus Follow me on snapchat and facebook for more real time update! ▶️girleatworld◀️ on both platforms.

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? More emojis in the wild! This one is an Agedango at Ninenzaka, a picturesque shopping street in Kyoto. The style of old Japan has been preserved in this street and the area surrounding it. “Ninen-zaka” means “slope of two years”, which comes from the legend that if you fall down the steps, you will die within two years. So watch your steps and don’t fall down while admiring the beauty of this street. I found the lady selling agedango for 50 yen a piece right at the Ninenzaka steps! Agedango is a salty-sweet snack made of grilled rice flour and wrapped in nori (sea weed) ?. It was served fresh and hot right off the grill, so I had to wait a few mins before it cooled down ? delicious! #RealLifeEmoji #EmojiIRL #EmojisInTheWild #eeeeeats #ShotOniPhone6s

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⛩??? A modern take of the well-loved, fish-shaped Taiyaki from a food market at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto by @op.118. Taiyaki normally contains red bean paste or custard cream, but this parfait one has whipped cream, chocolate pocky stick, green tea paste and red bean paste as well as crunchy cereal inside! Follow @op.118 who is currently touring through Japan. — On a separate note, I have been refreshing my Japanese knowledge using @iknowjp app which teaches you daily japanese vocabularies on-the-go through fun quizzes and games. Knowing these vocabularies has been extremely helpful for me on this trip! Since I have been having such a great experience with iknow.jp, I’m happy to share a free trial using the code ➡️?girleatworld16?⬅️. When you sign up at their website www.iknow.jp using this coupon code, you will get 1 month of free unlimited use so you can try it for yourself too! Coupon expires on May 15! #notsponsored #icecreamking #icecream #eeeeeats

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2nd favorite #GirlEatWorld moment in 2015 is also from Australia ??, but a completely different part of the continent – the outback! This is a glass of white wine I had during the magical Sounds of Silence dinner with the view of Uluru. My experience in the outback can’t be summed up in an instagram post, so i’ll have a series of blog post coming up at my blog girleatworld.net! You can follow me at facebook.com/girleatworld to be notified when these posts finally come together. Waking up in your tent in the middle of the night to a repetitive thumping sound and peeking outside to find out it was a group of wild wallaby passing by your campground was… quite amazing to say the least. It’s a memory I will truly cherish forever. Thanks @yhaaustralia for sending me on this trip!

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Feeling bitter sweet as this is my last Hong Kong eats… For now. The cold noodles snack at Mongkok from the New Town Mall / Argyle Center just outside the Mongkok MTR Station (Take exit D2 and enter the building to your left). For only HK$12, you get to choose a prepackaged small plastic bag of noodles and choose toppings like pork, various seafood, and other meats. The noodle and toppings are then mixed in front of you with soy and garlic chili. While eating out of a plastic bag might sound weird to you, this is actually common practice in Asia. The best thing? You can eat this quickly on the go! Love the efficiency. My blog post is up on what I did in Hong Kong in 48 hours with @skyscannersg ??? Link in bio! Just to avoid any confusion, this blog post was from my weekend trip last month. I did come back again to Hong Kong recently for two weeks, for work! I have been spending so much time in HK this year that I know causeway bay like the back of my hand 🙂

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{#GirlEatAustralia with @yhaaustralia} Went on a hot air balloon to watch the sunrise with @outback_ballooning ???? It was my first time on a balloon! We flew high then low so that we could spot the wild kangaroos jumping around. Absolutely amazing experience, totally worth the 5am pick up time. Here i am eating a Lamington, a very Australian cake described as “sponge cake covered in a dark rich chocolate coating and rolled in coconut shaving”. I had NEVER even heard of Lamingtons until this trip, but apparently it’s classic dessert here in Australia! Glad to be able to try it – It was delicious????☀️ #YHAoz #NTAustralia #SeeAustralia #outbackballooning #RestaurantAustralia ? @ausoutbacknt @australia

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#GirlEatWorld by the wonderful @icecreamofinsta – not an ice cream, more fitting to have a croissant at Eiffel Tower in Paris! But!! did you know that croissant originated in Vienna? The mention of ‘kipferl’, which is the origin of what we call croissant these days, goes back to 13th century. The french at some point adapted it, added tons of butter and made it cresent-shaped. French version became more popular (because butter) and thus the term croissant which means ‘crescent’ ? in french! One of the stories of how kipferl made its way to france is through the Austrian princess Marie Antoinette ?, who were married to the (then) French prince Louis XVI in the 17th century. Marie Antoinette was a fashionable trend-setter royalty – whatever she liked became popular in Paris, and it was said that she loved to have Kipferl for breakfast. How true is this story? i don’t know, but i sure am glad the french added more butter! ??? #ButterFTW #vivelafrance #WhenInDoubt #JustAddButter

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Just in time for Myanmar trip next week – This #WeEatWorld by my friend @nycars shows the magical view that puts Bagan on my “must visit” list. Follow @nycars for awesome – and punny – cars! As for the caption, i’ll keep it true to @nycars’ words: “It’s taken while travelling in a hot air balloon over Bagan, which is located in central Myanmar along the Ayeyarwady River. I would love to see a hot air balloon chase in a movie one day, it would take around 5 hours. But there’s certainly something very peaceful about drifting with no sound as the sun rises over this incredible place. The large structure is the Sulamani Temple, built in 11th century and one of around 3000 temples in the area. The puff was Myanmar street food, and was filled with peanut and sugar and was quite disgusting. My tip, avoid eating dubious street food before getting on a hot air balloon. Please enjoy, and please go visit Bagan. It’s incredible.” (I’ll still try the street food tho :P)

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