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This girl is only 4 years old but has already hiked half way across China

Pan Wenwen 4 year old backpacker China

Think you’re an experienced hiker? Well think again. Meet Pan Wenwen, she is just four years old and has already trekked half way across China. Her family have been on an epic backpacking journey for just under three years, walking in the day and spending the nights under canvas. They even forage for much of their food, such as wild herbs, on the way.

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Her parents decided to set out on the trip when Pan was one year and three months old, starting with 15 to 20 km a day and carrying Pan for most of it. From one photo it seems as though they’ve been hitchhiking too. So far they have visited Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan and next they plan on heading to Tibet.

Her father Pan Shifeng, told CCTV News that Wenwen is small but strong, and manages to overcome any hardships of life on the road. She has got used to hiking over time and can now walk up to 30km on her own.

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Since photos of the travelling youngster went viral, her story has stirred up some strong opinions, with some saying she should be at home instead of travelling the country. One Facebook used expressed concern that her life on the road must be very difficult and perhaps she is not as happy as she looks. Others congratulated the family and agreed that travel in this way can teach kids a lot about life.

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