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It’s safe to say that Garth Brooks is a country music icon. People all across the globe — and especially in America — love attending his concerts.

His success hit big in the early 90s after his album, “Ropin’ the Wind,” hit number 1 on the Billboard charts. He’s also the proud owner of many Country Music Awards. To have such longstanding success over decades is rare, but Brooks puts on a great show and undoubtedly connects with his fans.

That’s exactly what he did at one of his concerts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

garth brooks concert

While on stage, Brooks noticed a sign that a lady was holding up. It read, “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance.”

chemo this morning, garth tonight enjoying the dance

Upon seeing the woman’s sign, Brooks immediately walked the edge of the stage, sat down, and performed his song directly to her. Her name is Theresa Shaw, and at the time she was battling stage 3 breast cancer. 

garth brooks sings to cancer patient at concert

garth brooks sings to cancer patient at concert

Then he took things a step further when he presented her with a gift she won’t forget — his guitar.

garth brooks sings to cancer patient at concert

As if that wasn’t personal enough, Brooks gently grabbed her hands, gave her a hug, and whispered (but probably actually yelled) something into her ear. 

He then addressed the crowd, making them all feel loved, and told Teresa that she has everyone’s strength to fight her battle. And told her to “Kick cancer’s a**.”

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What makes the story even more remarkable is that Theresa overcame cancer and attended another one of Brooks’s concerts with a sign that said, “I kicked cancer’s a**. Still enjoying the dance!”