Guy wins multi-million-dollar island resort in a $49 raffle—and you have to see him one year later

two dive boats, five rental cars, two ten-seater minibuses, one pickup truck, kayaks, scuba equipment, $10,000 in a business account and $5,000 of stock.

When Joshua Ptasznyk and his friend Nicolas Sarabanja heard the news, they split the cost of one raffle ticket without any real expectations to win.

But then…the unthinkable happened.

For just $25 USD each, they purchased a resort worth millions.

Now, these two friends own the ultimate bachelor pad and can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store.

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According to one report from earlier this year, Joshua is now running the multi-million-dollar island resort.

“My life has completely changed, it is really tough work but it has pushed me out of my comfort zone,” he was quoted in the report as saying.

Ptasznyk is now managing dozens of staff and…

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