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Whether you love graffiti or hate it, there is no denying that most people don’t look too favourably on ‘tagging’, especially if it’s on a pristine white wall at the end of your road.

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But whatever your view on this type of modern artistic expression, there is no doubt that French artist Mathieu Tremblem has come up with a novel idea centered around it. His project, dubbed ‘Tag Clouds’ involves replacing barely legible street calligraphy with readable translations, made to look like clouds of keywords or ‘tags’, that are such an important part of the virtual world.French artist rewrites graffiti so its readible

He makes an analogy between keywords being markers of surfing the net whereas graffiti is a marker of urban drifting.French artist rewrites graffiti so its readible

Mathieu is based near Rennes in France, and has also done work in Belgium and the Netherlands. He became interested in graffiti culture and alternative art forms after graduating with a degree in fine art.

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We’re not sure if the new tags are an improvement for the streets of France, but we like the idea. What do you think – is it art or ugly?French artist rewrites graffiti so its readible French artist rewrites graffiti so its readible

via Bored Panda / Demo de Tous les Jours

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