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Fox Village in Japan is the cutest animal sanctuary on earth – Yettio

Foxes have never looked so cute than at the Zao Fox Village in Japan’s mountainous Miyagi prefecture.  In this forest preserve, over a hundred foxes (six different species) are free to roam and play as they please.

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While in London, foxes are cautious creatures, preferring to shy away from humans, many of the foxes here are curious and will follow people round as they wander through the sanctuary. For an extra 100 yen, visitors are allowed to feed the animals, but are advised not to do this by hand due to their wild nature. They look cute, but will still bite.

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Kitsune (the Japanese word for fox) have long been the subject of Japanese folklore. They are known for their intelligence and magical abilities, with some claiming they have the capability to shape shift into humans. While they are usually portrayed as tricksters, some stories depict them as faithful and kind.

Either way, you can’t deny their cuteness.
Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japan Zao Fox Village in Japanvia Olena Shmahalo

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