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It’s hard to imagine that fifty minutes from frenetic, resort packed Phuket exists a parallel universe of bucolic calm where much of the focus is not on tourism. But it does. Discretely nestled down here are two islands that have managed to escape the rampant development so far.

Are you fed up with scantily clad western tourists chucking buckets and straws all over the place after all night beach parties? Then you’ve come to the right place. Hop on a longtail boat and in a short while you will wash up on the shores of the Koh Yao islands.

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Here Philip Bloom uses a GoPro camera and Quadcopter to film a fantastic virtual tour of the more developed but smaller of the islands, Koh Yao Noi.

Empty unsantised beaches, a mountainous interior and views of the Phang-Nga marine park in the distance make for some pretty stunning scenery.

Touring the island is easy by bike, with hardly any traffic and the friendly islanders on hand to help. The population is predominantly Muslim so booze is not as free flowing as elsewhere, although it’s easily found in the quiet beach bars, plus people cover up, more or less.

Quite frankly for both these reasons it is a breath of fresh air.. literally.

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