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It’s always redeeming when someone famous uses their influence to do good in the world. Some things are just undeniably good, like visiting the sick.

Ryan Reynolds, most recently known for his star role as Deadpool, the comic book character, got news of a young boy who is terminally ill and happens to be one of his biggest fans.

Reynolds, being a father himself, decided to take time out of his busy schedule to make this boy’s day. What started out as a phone call quickly turned into a FaceTime video call and that got Devin (the boy) — and his parents — even more excited. Reynolds listened as Daniel told him how poorly, or ill, he’d been feeling lately.

Reynolds cheered him up by walking on the set of Deadpool 2 while FaceTiming to show Daniel around. Daniel even got really excited to show Reynolds his Deadpool t-shirt, to which the actor responded, “That’s awesome! You know, I’m like the only guy who doesn’t have one of those cool t-shirts.”

You can watch the priceless interaction in the video below.

Daniel’s mother …