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Due to its remote location on an island at the southernmost tip of China, Sanya can often feel like a land that time forgot. When you account for that fact that much of the island is covered by mountainous rainforest, it’s even easier to understand why the traditions of ethnic minorities such as Han, Hui, Li and Miao live undisrupted by the fast pace of the modern world.

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The Binglanggu (Betel Nut Valley) Heritage Park is located just over 15 miles outside of Sanya itself and is home to 56 cultural minorities, each of which is represented through its own traditions, costumes, customs and dances.

Upon entering the park, visitors will have the chance to navigate their way around the 333-hectare space, taking in shows wherever and whenever they please.

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Though it’s a heavily commercialised area, it makes a genuine effort to preserve and promote these ethnic cultures and pour money from tourism back into the local community. As such, it makes for an excellent way to immerse yourself fully in remote Chinese heritage and learn more about these millennia-old peoples and their ways of life.Visit Sanya

Binglanggu Valley: Ganshi Ridge, Sandao Town, Baoting, Hainan
Website: binglanggu.com
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