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There is a place in the world where everything is painted blue. In fact, it’s nicknamed the “blue city.” Founded in 1471, and officially known as Chefchaouen, it’s one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets. Well, at least it used to be.

chefchaouen morocco, "blue city"

Now the blue-walled city is a popular European tourist destination, especially during the summer months. Many speculate as to why the walls of the buildings are painted blue. One theory suggests that blue keeps mosquitos away (random?). Another is that blue is symbolic of the sky and heaven, reminding people to lead a spiritually grounded life. A third theory says Jews introduced blue to the region when they sought refuge and hiding places from Hitler.

As a visitor, you’ll not only see the different shades of blue but also will be treated to beautiful landscapes visible throughout the mountainous region.

chefchaouen morocco blue city


Now let’s take a video tour…