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Everything You Need To Know About Booking Cheap International Flights – Yettio

Brexit has spelled uncertainty in numerous respects for those planning to fly internationally from Britain. Fortunately, many of the fears anticipated following Britain’s departure from the EU have failed to materialise, at least yet.

None the less, it is more important than ever to keep a close eye on the cost of flights and save money where and whenever possible. For that reason, here is everything you need to know about booking cheap international flights.

Booking Last Minute

For those able to book their flights and fly last minute doing so has for a long time now proven a savvy and exciting way to bag a great price holiday and cheap flights.

Rather than turn directly to a last minute flight provider such as though, in 2017 it is a far better idea to instead refer to a price comparison site, such as Travel Supermarket.

Free to use and searching literally 100s of sites on your behalf, making use of travel comparison websites guarantees that you will never again lose out on the best priced international flights, wherever you are and wherever you want to go.

Booking Ahead of Time

Whilst bagging a last minute deal feels great and can save you a sizable amount of cash when flying internationally, there is also good news for those unable to jet off at the drop of a hat: booking in advance can save you money too.

The important and determining factor regarding what you can expect to pay for the same flight is when you choose to book it. Then, to save the most when booking in advance and to know how far in advance you need to book depending on where it is you wish to travel refer to the Kayak Travel website, which has recently published its annual  guide: The Best Times to Book and Travel in 2017.

What Day to Fly

It isn’t just a matter of when you book your flights that will determine what you pay; the day you opt to fly out or return can also have a significant factor in what you can expect to pay for your flights.

Hence, if and when possible, consider carefully whether you need to fly at the weekend. Whilst many do, many more people simply do so because the weekend can make it easier to organise your weeks and means beginning a holiday and ending one at the beginning and end of a week.

Meanwhile, and as reiterated in more depth via the Airfare Watchdog website via their article: The 2 Cheapest Days of the Week to Fly, those who buck this trend and opt to travel midweek can make considerable savings on the cost of flights to the same locations.

Booking Online

When booking international flights, one instant means of saving money in almost all cases is to shirk the high street travel agents in favour of booking flights online. Online flight providers such as Globehunters are, as online flight providers, saving a vast amount from the get go as they are spared the costs and overheads involved in renting high street premises. What’s more, they in turn pass these savings onto the customers. As an example as to just how great such deals can be, why not take a look at these cheap flights to Abu Dhabi?

Further, because some people refuse to trust online flight providers and so return time and time again to high street and better known names in the travel industry, such as Thomas Cook, this enables alternative and internet based flight providers to keep their costs low. Meanwhile, it also enables high street travel agencies to charge far more as they are literarily cashing in on travellers’ fears and misconceptions.

That said, this reality might not remain the status quo for very much longer; as covered by The Daily Mail website recently in their article: High-street travel agents could be a thing of the past…, the upsurge in online bookings for flights is set to change all this in the next five years, with a staggering 80% of people already discovering the savings to be made by simply searching online for flights as a posed to hitting the high street.

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