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If the events of the last year have left you searching for possible escape routes from modern politics and society, then why not consider a trip to one of these islands, which are about as isolated and remote as you can get.

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Tristan da Cunha

‘Tristan’ is often cited as the most remote inhabited island in the world and is literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s nearest neighbour is St Helena, and that’s over 2,000 km away and if you want to reach the mainland, it’s a 6 day, 2,400 km boat journey to South Africa. There are currently about 290 locals living in the brilliantly named main town, ‘Edinburgh of the Seven Seas’, all of who share a total of 7 surnames. You will need the approval of the islanders if you want to visit and should apply to the council for a permit.

Kerguelen Islands

These islands are owned by the French and lie way out in the southern Indian Ocean, 3,300 km away from the nearest inhabited land, making them one of the most isolated places on the planet. Located just outside the Antarctic Circle, the weather is so fierce and the landscape so bleak they have earnt themselves the name ‘the Desolation Islands’. Unsurprisingly, they have no native inhabitants, although around 50 researchers are stationed here year round.

Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island

Flickr: denisbin

This notorious island is owned by the British and is the world’s least populated national jurisdiction, with around 50 permanent inhabitants descended from just four families. The nearest inhabited island is Tahiti over 2,300 km away, where many islanders have chosen to emigrate over the years, as well as New Zealand. The island has many claims to fame, the most legendary being that it was populated by the mutinous sailors of the HMS Bounty who came here with some Tahitian women to hideout and never left. The island hit the headlines more recently with the news that it won the record for the highest number of sex offenders per capita.

Kiribati archipelago

Kiribati archipelago

Flickr: thejduce

This archipelago isn’t as lonely as the rest with over 100,000 people calling it home, but it is still pretty remote. Hawaii is the nearest inhabited land and that’s over 2,100 km to the north west. The U.N. have declared the islands one of the world’s least developed areas, as the economy here is very limited and many essential food and manufactured products have to be imported a long, long way.

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While you may miss some creature comforts when you emigrate to one of these beautiful little islands, remember this. None have Trump or Farage.

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