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Driving Across Australia: Tips and Tricks on How to Take a Safe Road Trip – Yettio

Ah, Australia ‒ one of the most beautiful places on earth. No matter if you’re an Aussie exploring the country of your ancestors or a curious traveller eager to see all the wonders of this beautiful continent, you are going to have a great time on your Australian road trip. Even though a road trip sounds simple, it takes a lot of careful planning and organizing to pull it off. Here is a little guide on what to bring with you and how to safely travel through the Land Down Under.

Bring the necessities

Assuming you know where you’re going and have a good plan of the trip, it’s time to pack your necessities. No matter the length or type of your ride, you’re going to need clean clothes, sleeping bags, a tent, a reliable communication device, a compass and some updated maps of Australia. If you’re planning on camping in the wilderness, you should get a water purifier just in case. Always bring a lot of water and some food, as well as some extra money in the wallet. Some of these things might seem redundant, but they can save your life in an emergency, so better be safe than sorry.

Make frequent stops!

Driving or riding can be very relaxing, but also tiring, so for your safety and the safety of others, you will have to make frequent stops. Professional drivers recommend taking a break every four hours and resting for at least one hour. During that time, you can also check your oil, fuel, tyre pressure and water. Also, make sure you always know where you are because Australia is vast, wild and unpredictable and if you end up with a malfunction somewhere in the outback, you can get into serious trouble if you can’t explain to roadside assistance where you are.

Careful during the night

It would be best if you could rest during the night and continue your trip in the morning. It’s highly advised not to drive during the night unless it’s an emergency or you’re on a strict schedule. If you can’t avoid driving during the night, be extra careful, especially in the outback, and make sure to use high beams. Many animals, like kangaroos, pigs, cows or emus, can appear on the road without a warning and if you’re not focused, you could hurt the animals and get seriously hurt yourself. Drive according to the rules, maintain speed limit and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Weather can be your enemy

Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions. You can expect to drive through dust storms, rain storms or scorching heat, and often all that during one day. The best thing you can do before you set out on your next journey is to check tourist centres for information concerning the weather. You can even check with the police, rangers or ask around at petrol stations. If you’re riding a motorcycle, make sure to have high-quality off road riding gear that will protect you from the elements.

Follow the rules

Australia has strict laws concerning driving, so if you don’t want to have troubles with the law, maintain your speed limit and don’t consume any alcohol before or during driving. Fines can be quite high, especially if you’re endangering other people with your reckless driving, so respect all the road rules.

Getting to know Australia from the road might just be the best way to enjoy this beautiful country of unexplored treasures and amazing flora and fauna. If you prepare well and drive safely, you will have an amazing time.

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