This dramatic glass hotel is designed to be built into a natural crack in the mountain

A new hotel is due to be built which could well be one of the world’s most vertigo inducing places to spend the night. The futuristic design is intended to blend with the topography of the Alps, and the illustrations show a glass fronted building nestled in a natural crack in the mountain, like a beautiful, giant ice crystal.

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The plan is the brainchild of Andrii Rozhko, who is based in Dubai and claims the dramatic scenery of the Alps inspired him to create something that would echo the sharp contours and lines of the mountains. Complete with helipad and elevator, it also looks like the ideal hideaway for an elusive movie villain.

The exact location has yet to be decided, but if the plans go ahead, the hotel will add to the list of other vertiginous cliffside establishments, such as the luxury ‘Il San Pietro di Positano’, built into the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

It is also reminiscent of plans revealed earlier this year for the ‘Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar’, that will jut out over Basaseachic falls in Mexico. Along with all the glass bottomed walkways being unveiled in China, it seems thrills for those with a head for heights are more popular than ever.

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