This couple photoshopped their pics from opposite ends of the world side-by-side, the result is stunning

1_Alberta In Canada Vs Järpen In Sweden

You may have seen them on Instagram. Heck, you may even be one of their 149,000 followers. Their photos online are stunning and give others a sense of wanderlust.

how far from home instagramers

howfarfromhome couple

If you haven’t already, meet Chanel and Stevo. They left behind the world of 9-to-5 and traveled for two years straight, documenting their journey along the way. They took more than 14,000 photographs on their adventure, visited 40+ countries, and loved seeing the world.

What the couple recently did, however, is even cooler than their Instagram feed. They’ve photoshopped pictures together (side-by-side) that were taken from their travels in all different places of the world. The result = incredible!

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The contrast, alignment, and overall aesthetics are absolutely delightful. Take a look for yourself.

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