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This couple is driving from Alaska to Argentina in a school bus they converted to a trendy apartment

Meet Felix and Mogli.

They’re from Germany.

And last year they packed up everything they own…

flew to the United States…

bought a school bus…

and converted it into an amazing apartment.

Their new home is a fully functioning bus, which Felix really enjoys driving.

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But don’t let that deceive you. It’s also a beautiful loft-style apartment complete with a dining/living space (ft. a fold-out table)…

a fold-out couch/bed for guests (or dogs)…

and a beautiful kitchen…

complete with running water.

In the hallway, you’ll find lots of recycled pallet wood on the walls…

a stunning shower area (tiled by hand)…

and an itty bitty compost toilet.

At the rear of the bus, sits the master bedroom…

complete with all the storage you need…

and apple TV for vegging out…

or a skylight for sleeping under the stars.

Now, they’re taking the home on the road and traveling from Alaska to Argentina.

Good luck guys!


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