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Construction workers uncover secret steel door in capital building basement—and what’s inside is so mysterious

A demolition and renovation crew working in the basement offices of the Rhode Island State House discovered a mysterious steel door that dates back to over 50 years ago.

The discovery, which appears to be the door of a large vault, was found as workers began peeling back old wood paneling from the 70s.

On the door, in faded letters, read the words: “State Returning Board” but exactly what sits inside the vault remains a complete mystery.

Frank A. Montanaro, who has been directing the renovation work in the building’s basement, thinks that it’s likely there is an entire room full of artifacts behind the door.

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In the video here, Montanaro opens a similar steel door to show what might be behind the one in the basement.

Unfortunately, no one has the combination to the newly discovered door so whatever is behind it will remain a mystery until one of two things happens: either someone comes forth with the combination, or the Rhode Island government approves budget to remove the hinges and open the door.


Source: Providence Journal | h/t Atlas Obscura

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