Laurent Baheux is a French photographer and activist who, since 2007, has devoted himself to capturing the wild inhabitants of some of the last remaining protected areas on earth.

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His photos are often in black and white, which he believes helps bring out the expressiveness of the animals, while also creating a poignant reminder that nature as we see it here could soon be a thing of the past.4531-Cheetah portrait, Kenya 2013 © Laurent Baheux

He travels for weeks through some of the wildest regions left on our planet, and states that it leaves him with an enormous sense of happiness and tranquility to leave the urban, civilised world behind.4403-Rhinos quartet, Kenya 2013 © Laurent Baheux

He hopes to convey through this set of beautifully captured photos, both the power and strength of nature, but also its fragility.

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“I believe that we must have a sincere conscience for our fellow animals, and the devastating impact our species is having on so many of them. We must open our minds and hearts to the fact that we all part of a living, breathing planet, and recognise that we are just one piece of this wonder.”

7473-Elephants crossing the plain I, Kenya 2013 © Laurent Baheux 5867-Cheetah before the rain, Kenya 2006 © Laurent Baheux 3759-Lion in the grass 1, Kenya 2013 © Laurent Baheux 3412-Lioness, Tanzania 2015 © Laurent Baheux 0902-Elephant-In the shade of the giants, Kenya 2015 © Laurent Baheux 0110-Strong and sweet lion, Tanzania 2015 © Laurent Baheux2015-LaurentBaheux-teNeus-CouvGBR

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