China’s new floating walkway is twice the length of Manhattan

First they built the Great Wall, and in recent years the Chinese seem to be obsessed with building the biggest and most daring tourist attractions around. We have seen a multitude of glass walkways and bridges opening all over the country, and on New Year’s day a new record breaking attraction opened to the public in Luodian County.

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The 50 km floating walkway spans the Hongshui River, and is twice the length of Manhattan, meaning the average visitor would have to walk for 10 hours straight just to cross it. But this feat of engineering is not meant for merely walking, it is also designed as an entertainment centre, where tourists can enjoy water sports and entertainment displays.

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The walkway is anchored to the river bed using 200,000 floating objects, including a gigantic rubber duck, and at night the entire construction is lit up in a dazzling display of lights and fireworks. It is hoped the attraction will bring more tourists to the area, and it seems to be working, as 60,000 people have visited already.

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