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Cats love cardboard boxes. Scientists have been trying to work out this mystery for years and still don’t know why, although in a published paper a few years ago researchers found that hiding in boxes may reduce stress in felines.

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But cardboard boxes are ugly, right? Not for much longer. Poopy Cat, a company which specialises in products for cats and small animals have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Landmarks, their new series of cardboard playhouses shaped like seven of the world’s most iconic places: Sphinx of Giza, White House, Eiffel Tower, Kremlin, Taj Mahal, Mayan Temple and a Chinese Pagoda.

‘Just like us humans, animals need their own space every now and then. With these landmarks we facilitate a perfect getaway. Private, but still close enough to their beloved caretaker. We hope the landmark in your house will remind you of all the beauty in the world.’ says Poopy Cat.

To find out more or be the one of the first to get one, head over to their fundraising page.

White House

Iconic landsmarks cardboard playhouses for cats Poopy catIconic landsmarks cardboard playhouses for cats Poopy cat

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