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This Canadian couple left the city to live the good life on a man-made floating island

Floating sustainable home in Canada

The stress of city life can all too often become overbearing. The noise and pollution, the bills constantly popping through the letterbox, the hours stuck in traffic and the daily grind of office work. Plenty of people are leaving it all behind and choosing to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, off grid and close to nature.

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Floating sustainable home in CanadaOne couple in Canada however have taken things to extremes. Wayne Adams and Catherine King have constructed a massive floating island made up of 12 platforms, appropriately named ‘Liberty Cove’.  Located in an idyllic coastal area northeast of Tofino in British Columbia, the couple have lived here with their two children year round since 1992.
Floating sustainable home in CanadaThe property is completely off grid and uses 14 solar panels, and an emergency generator to provide power. Fresh water comes from a nearby waterfall in summer and rainwater in winter, with all food grown in the half acre of floating gardens and 5 green houses. Wayne is also so an avid fisherman, so along with a few chickens they never go short of protein.

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Floating sustainable home in Canada

Both of them are artists and have utilised their abilities to make the island a work of art in itself. Wayne is a sculptor and Catherine a retired ballerina and they have the perfect place to cultivate a shared love of painting, writing and music. If that wasn’t enough there is also a lighthouse tower for guests, a dance floor and an art gallery and studio.

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You can visit the island on special boat tours with the permission of the owners and local authorities.
Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canada Floating sustainable home in Canadavia Unusual Places / Huffington Post

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