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Biking legend explores the Scottish countryside in the most extreme way possible


Danny MacAskill must be the world’s most famous biking legend, after becoming a YouTube hit with his previous breath-taking edits such as Way Back Home and The Ridge.

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In this video the Scottish pro-cyclist takes us on a simple trip through the farmland and mountains around Edinburgh. Except this journey is anything but ordinary, with Danny performing mind boggling stunts in some very imaginative places.

Some of the tricks include riding over a cottage roof, jumping from a bridge onto a single train track and cycling on top of a moving straw bale. A lot of creativity has gone into designing the stunts around everyday obstacles, and of course the skill to pull them off is outstanding.

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In the main edit he makes everything look incredibly smooth and easy, but if you stay put until the last few minutes you can see some outtakes, which show just how much effort even someone like Danny has to put in.

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