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Let’s get one thing out of the way: Australia is big. And if you’re planning on taking a road trip down under, whether you’re visiting from another country, or you’re a native in search of adventure and exploration, you will either need to take a lot of free time from work, or you will have to do it in stages.

Because there is enough of Australia for two lifetimes, let alone a week or two. Nevertheless, I’m going to share with you my experience when I went on an Australian road trip. I’ll share with you the routs I took and things I saw, so let’s get started.

Melbourne to Sydney

My road trip was, and still is, divided into two parts, and I suggest you do the same: going through certain cities and then exploring the outback and natural wonders of the continent. I started with the cities, landing in Melbourne, because that’s where my friend lives, and found myself in a bit of a pickled situation – was I to go west, towards Adelaide and Perth, or was I to go east, towards Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane?

As it turned out, Melbourne was such a lively city, full of adventures and unforgettable experiences, that I thought about spending the entire month just exploring the wonders she had to offer. Alas, I knew I should try and see as much as I could, and there was no way I was going to skip Sydney.

So, after about two weeks of experiencing the magnificent sights, culture and nightlife of Melbourne, I set sail (figuratively) towards Sydney and the Golden Coast. Naturally, I took a car there, as it wouldn’t have been much of a road trip if I hopped on a plane, and flew over such amazing seaside scenery that looked like it had been drawn by Disney or Pixar.

I was a expecting a mere 10-12 hour drive along the coast until I reached Sydney and I knew I had to take plenty of stops along the way to rest, refuel and experience the scenery as well. My first stop was in Bairnsdale, about two and a half hours from Melbourne where I stopped for lunch and without wasting any more time, I was on the road again.

After about three hours of beautiful countryside, full of farms and horses relaxing near the road, I reached my second pit-stop in beautiful Eden, NSW. It’s there where I decided to spend the night and relax with some locally cooked dishes and a stroll through the town and up and down the breathtaking beaches of town’s seaside.

I decided to rest properly and hit the road early in the morning, not because I was short for time, but because seeing the Australian seaside early in the morning is truly a religious experience. You’ll see.

I had a six and a half hour drive ahead of me, with a few scheduled stops along the way in Mystery Bay, and then Nowra afterwards. Everything went quite well for the first several hours, and I reached Nowra within three and a half hours. It was there; halfway between Nowra and Sydney did I realize I was going to run out of gas and there was no gas station in sight, nor on Google maps. Luckily, my friend gave me every emergency number in existence and I was able to receive fast emergency petrol delivery in the middle of nowhere and be on my way.

I’ve reached Sydney safe and sound and checked into my hotel room somewhere in the afternoon, tired yet invigorated by the beautiful countryside and the notion of spending the next few days in such a breathtaking city.

In the end, those few days turned into two weeks, as I realized that Sydney had just as much, if not even more to offer than Melbourne, and that my planned visit to other cities and the great outback would have to wait for my eager and hasty return.

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