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Artist transforms the world with her crazy childish imagination

Illustrate the world

Prague-based artist Eliska Podzimkova sees the world a little differently to the rest of us. She photographs cities and transforms the images with her playful illustrations.

The transformation from real to child-like make-believe is magical. Eliska says “This is what I see with my crazy childish imagination.”

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She began illustrating photos of New York but it became so popular she now draws everywhere she travels. Sometimes she sees what she wants to illustrate before taking the photo, while the rest of the inspiration comes from trawling through her snaps when she gets home.

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Most of the photography is based in Prague, London, and New York, but she’s hoping to travel elsewhere in 2016 to diversify her portfolio.

Illustrate the world Illustrate the world Illustrate the world Illustrate the world

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