Artist embroiders the most stunning images of her travels as she roams the world

This is Teresa Lim. She’s an avid traveler and embroidery artist.

Anytime she travels, instead of taking a photograph of her surroundings, she painstakingly sews a beautiful piece of embroidered art.

In a report from Bored Panda, Teresa explains why she takes the time to embroider her travel memories:

 “I started the project late 2014 after I realised that with today’s state of the art technology, taking pictures becomes so easy.

I wanted something more from my travels, to be able to take back a part of that place with me.

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When I’m done with a piece, I actually feel like I KNOW that place, and that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that I think just taking a photo wouldn’t give.”

Click ‘NEXT’ below to see a photo gallery with more work from artist Teresa Lim.

Story source: Bored Panda | Images: @teeteeheehee

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