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Some people go to the beach for a bit of peace and quiet, some go to party and yet others go for a terrifying disaster-waiting-to-happen type adrenaline rush.

Beautiful Maho beach on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten boasts crystal clear water and soft, powdery sand, plus every so often you get to experience the spectacle of a massive aircraft flying in metres above your head. Some come in so low that the jet blast has been known to blow people into the sea.

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This strange situation stems from the beachfront location of Princess Juliana International Airport, which just so happens to have a really short runway of only 2180 metres. Therefore large planes have to come in as low over the beach as possible to make a smooth landing.

The locals have used the situation to their advantage and many of the beach bars have flight timetables and radio broadcasts to enable eager tourists and plane enthusiasts to plan their next sighting.

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