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Roughly 30 miles northeast of Sanya, the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is a startlingly beautiful rainforest park perched above the Hekou River.

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After arriving at the gates of the park, an onsite bus will take you to the start point of your adventure, where you’ll set off by hiking for roughly 40 minutes up a wooden path. En route, you’ll pass 1,000-year-old tree trunks that have sprung up around huge boulders and you’ll have the option to cross rivers which feed from a waterfall further up the track… yes, you will get wet!

Higher still, there are opportunities for abseiling and zip-lining through the rich canopy of the rainforest, while a landscaped garden at its summit offers the perfect reward for your heady climb.

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While the park is manmade, it’s a fantastic way to showcase the rich variety of natural vegetation in China. At an affordable price, it makes for an enjoyable alternative to another day at the beach.Visit Sanya

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