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Latin America is full of amazing wildlife. Unfortunately, some weren’t blessed with the best looks, so it’s always worth remembering Charles Darwin’s quote – “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”


These strange looking marine creatures don’t look like frogs at all. They are experts at camouflage which helps protect them from predators. Normally, the frogfish moves at a slow pace, but they have the ability to pounce at prey in just 6 milliseconds. They are commonly found in the waters around Cocos Islands, Costa Rica.

Panda ant

Their name comes from their resemblance to pandas. Covered in black and white hair, they are found along the coast of Chile. They are quite rare and were only discovered in the 1930s. Although they are called ants, they are actually a type of wasp.


Azolotls are also known as Mexican salamanders, and spend their whole life living underwater using gills to breath. This odd-looking creature originated in the waterways that underlie Mexico City.

Venezuelan poodle moth

This cute little month was only discovered in 2009 and not much is known about it at this point.

Amazon horned frog

These huge frogs can grow up to 20 cms long and live in the mangroves of the Amazon Basin. At night they can be heard croaking loudly and use their long tongue to catch their prey.


Though the hoatzin doesn’t look that different from the average pheasant, it’s their unpleasant odor which has given them a place on this list. They are nicknamed the stinkbird from the vile smell that comes from the fermentation of food in their digestive system.

Pink fairy armadillos

These tiny sub-species of the armadillo are the smallest of their kind reaching only 10 cms in length. They move slowly unless they are burrowing which they do at a surprisingly quick rate, particularly when they feel threatened.

White-faced saki monkey

Found in the jungles of French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela, these monkeys spend their lives living in the lower canopies feeding on insects and fruit. Interestingly, the white-faced saki monkey mate for life.

Rosy-lipped batfish

The red-lipped batfish (closely related to the rosy-lipped batfish) is one of the oddest creatures on earth. As well as their brightly coloured human-like lips, they are notable for their specially adapted fins that point downwards and appear to make them look as through they’re walking.

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