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The 8 most terrifying places to camp on Earth

Think you’re brave? We dare you to spend the night, in a tent, in any of these places..

Four Corners, USA

The meeting point of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, this region has some of the most stunning landscapes in the US, such as Monument Valley and Chaco Canyon.

However, it appears this is also a hotbed for tales of strange creatures prowling in the night. Skinwalkers are one notorious and terrifying legend.

Having inspired several movies, these half wolf half man beasts are apparently American Indian shamans who through evil rites can shapeshift into animal form.

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Tales of bipedal dogmen chasing vehicles and campers having rocks thrown at them while eerie human screams circle the camp are plentiful.

Remember a Skinwalker must be invited in, so if you find one knocking at your window, whatever you do don’t open the door.

If you’re lucky it will just be a Bigfoot, who according to sightings, also inhabit the vast wilds of the area.

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