So 2016 is almost upon us. What better way to celebrate than a awesome bucket list of 60 adventures to take in the new year. Any we’ve missed?

1. Climb the dunes of Sossusvlei, NamibiaDunes Namibia

2. Treat yourself to a glass of champagne on the Eiffel Tower in Paris

3. Walk with king penguins on South Georgia

4. Party the night away at a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Full Moon Party

Flickr: YoTuT

5. Take a sunrise Ganges cruise in Varanasi, India

6. Gorge on gelato in Rome, Italy

7. Take a romantic gondola ride in Venice, Italy

Gondola venice

Flickr: llee_wu

8. Trek with gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda

9. Hike in the Grand Canyon, United States

10. Scuba in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

11. See the great Serengeti wildebeest migration

Great Migration

12. Hike in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

13. Husky mushing in Lapland, Finland

14. See Iguazu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentine sides

Iguazu Falls

Flickr: SF Brit

15. Ride an Indian train

India Train

Flickr: Uzi Yachin

16. Spot jaguars in the Pantanal, Brazil

17. Take a junk boat cruise around Halong Bay, Vietnam

Junk Boat Vietnam

Flickr: Brian Fagan

18. Float down the backwaters of Kerala on a converted rice barge

19. Tackle Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

20. Wander through ancient Machu Picchu, Peru

21. Marvel at the Moai on Easter Island, Chile

Moai Easter Island

Flickr: anoldent

22. Spot wildlife in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Mokoro Okavando Delta

23. Witness the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway

Northern Lights

Flickr: Image Editor

24. Spot wild orangutans in Borneo


Flickr: Lip Kee

25. Watch ice calve from the Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

26. See Petra, Jordan

27. Watch Polar Bears on an Arctic Cruise

28. Drive Route 66, United States

29. Go on safari at the Kurger National Park, South Africa

30. Sail the Milford Sound, New Zealand

31. Scuba between tectonic plates in Silfra, Iceland

Scuba Silfra

Flickr: Francisco

32. Kayak with orcas off Vancouver Island, Canada

Sea kayak Canada

Flickr: Winky

33. Skydive over Byron Bay, Australia


Flickr: Tom Bennett

34. Sleep under the stars in Wadi Rum, Jordan

35. See snow monkeys bathing in a hot spring, Japan

Snow monkey Japan

Flickr: Beyond Neon

36. Explore Stonehenge, United Kingdom


Flickr: Jon Westra

37. See the sunset over Uluru, Australia

38. Eat sushi in Tokyo, Japan

Sushu Tokyo

Flickr: Klardrommar

39. Climb Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain Climb

Flickr: Andy Jou

40. Get up close to the Taj Mahal, India

41. Trek up to the Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

42. Learn about Mayan history at Tikal, Guatemala

43. Go from here to Timbuktu, Mali

44. Ride the Trans-Mongolian railway from Moscow to Beijing

Trans Siberian

Flickr: Boccaccio1

45. Meet locals on the Uros reed islands, Peru

46. Drive across the Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
Uyuni Salt Flats

47. Explore old Havana in a vintage car, Cuba

Vintage car Cuba

Flickr: Jan Arendtsk

48. Hike the Great Wall of China

Walk Great Wall of China

Flickr: Marianna

49. See basking Weddell seals on an Antarctic cruise

Weddell Seal Antarctica

Flickr: Chadica

50. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

51. Swim in an underground cenote in the Yucantan, Mexico

Cenote swimming

Flickr: blajoe

52. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Flickr: recoverling

53. Cruise the mighty Mekong River, Laos

54. Observe the mating dance of the blue-footed booby in the Galapagos, Ecuador

55. Admire the ancient temples of Abu Simbel, Egypt

56. Hike in Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park

Flickr: Don DeBold

57. Take an early morning hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia, Turkey

Balloon Capadocia Turkey

Flickr: Mr Hicks46

58. Wander through the ancient temple of Ankgor Wat, Cambodia

59. Photograph the bizarre rock formations in Antelope Canyon, United States

Antelope Canyon

Flickr: sergejf

60. See the sunset over Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan Bagan

Flickr: llee_wu