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Cambodia is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. Barring Lara Croft’s swift action moves at Angkor, not many know all that Cambodia has to offer.  There are, however, a few of travellers who understand the worth of this Asian country.

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Cultural enthusiastsCambodian Culture

Buddhism and Hinduism are the two major religions followed in Cambodia, and its cultural nuances are influenced by both. For those travellers who like to explore new cultures and traditions, Cambodia is a dreamland for them. The country has sustained millennium old traditions to its roots; all the way from the Khmer empire.

History buffsAnkgot wat ruins

Cambodia is a quarry of historical incidences, and not just the bad ones. The famous Angkor Wat alone is gigantic crowd puller, luring in travelers interested in exploring history of a country. Cambodia has seen its share of black days and bloodshed in the past, but what’s commendable is the rate and way it has recovered and transformed into one of the most cherished travel destinations in the world.

Gap year studentsVolunteering in Cambodia

Over the past few decades, a new wave of travellers have been flowing into this Khmer region. These are millennials on their gap year, traveling to volunteer in Cambodia. According to a volunteer abroad survey report, Cambodia is one of the top 5 popular countries to do volunteer work.

Culture vultures

The people in Cambodia are known for their humble approach and hospitality. They’re always up for a good conversation about their country, its history, culture, and everything Cambodian. Travellers who like to travel like a local, make connections and learn about a local way of life, Cambodia is the perfect place to travel. 

Beach loversSihanoukville

It may come as a surprise to many, but Cambodia is actually a great beach destination. The entire Sihanoukville province in southwest Cambodia is known for the beaches and tropical islands. Then there is the interesting Rabbit Island in Kep province that can give any Hawaiian beach a run for its money.  As many of these beaches are not on the tourist trail, they have stayed more pristine than many neighbouring countries. 

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Cambodia has so many amazing things to do, see and experience. Few have already discovered this, so its worth visiting now before the country gets hit with mass tourism. 

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