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5 Reasons To Say No To A Timeshare Salesperson – Yettio

As discussed in depth via the wealth of previous features and articles at the Timeshare Consumer Association, the timeshare industry is one in which some of the most aggressive and even fraudulent sales tactics are used.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to say no a timeshare sales person, even when looking to purchase a timeshare; there are far safer means of education yourself on the concept of timesharing.

  1. Avoid Buying into the Sales Spiel to Avoid Buying into an Unwanted Timeshare

The surest way to prevent yourself from falling prey to the often aggressive, manipulative and unethical sales people operating within the timeshare industry is to deny them the opportunity to speak. This means that should you be called by a person who tells you they are a timeshare sales person, the best advice is to hang up in instances in which the call is unsolicited.

Whilst in most situations, ignoring a person or refusing to listen to them is considered rude, when it comes to sales people such laws of etiquette quite simply do not apply. In fact, timeshare sales people rely on the decency of those they are attempting to sell to and exploit this in order to make a sale.

Then, the only way to ensure you will not be manipulated or otherwise literally talked into buying a timeshare you do not want is to simply refuse to enter into a discourse with a timeshare sales person.

  1. Understanding that Timeshare Sales People Demand Respect They Do Not Give

Cold calling or sending a person spam offers via the post or email is in itself a form of aggressive marketing; it requires violating a person’s private space and privacy in order to try and sell a service or product. The very act of cold calling or imposing oneself and one’s agenda onto an unprepared stranger is to ask for something not being given. Hence, it is sensible to avoid buying into either tactic.

  1. Speaking of Tactics…

Cold calling, spam emails and junk mail are all sales tactics no reputable company would employ. Therefore, to avoid entering into a contract with a company which practices unethical tactics, simply say no to cold calling, spam emails, junk mail, timeshare presentations and the sales people who are part of them. After all, why would you agree to purchase anything from a sales person or company that has such little respect for its prospective customers? Further, how can you trust such a company? The fact is, you can’t.

  1. Remain in Control as a Consumer

In any negotiation or discourse entered into with a sales person it is important as a consumer to do so confidently and having prepared. Realising this, timeshare sales people often resort to underhand tactics such as cold calling and striking during timeshare presentation events to pile the pressure on and bamboozle those who are unprepared into purchasing a timeshare.

Hence, it is important to always say no to a timeshare sales person who approaches you without your consent. If you were interested in buying or investing in their product, you would seek them out and do so having researched the product you are looking to purchase or invest in.

  1. Once in a Life Time Offers and Deals to Good to Be True

Very often one of the ways a timeshare sales person will attempt to lure a person into listening to their sales patter and potentially being manipulated into purchasing an unwanted timeshare is by appealing to a consumer’s desire for a good deal. The desire to get a good deal is something, after all, that appeals to us all.

The irony meanwhile of buying into this sort of supposed deal offered by a timeshare sales person is that all too often the person buying into it never wanted a timeshare in the first place.

Then, rather than find yourself purchasing a timeshare or agreeing to attend a timeshare presentation event to avoid losing out on a deal that seems too good to be true, pause and remind yourself: if a deal sounds too good to be true the likelihood is it is too good to be true.

A Final Word of Advice…

Finally, and to reiterate the advice given at the beginning of this article because it is important to know, and to remember: there are better and far safer ways to learn about timesharing.

Timeshare sales people have an agenda. There role as a salesperson is to sell timeshares. Hence, they are neither the best nor are they to be trusted to provide you with unbiased or balances advice, guidance or information about timesharing.

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