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5 Really weird facts about Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo time again. And that means you’re pulling out all the stops to throw the best fiesta your friends and family have ever seen!

So ditch the cheesy dollar-store sombreros and mustaches and throw an authentic Cinco de Mayo party using the following advice.

1. For the most authentic guacamole, add pecans

It sounds really bizarre, but adding pecans to your guacamole celebrates the rich culinary history of the small town, Puebla.

It was in Puebla that General Zaragoza of the Mexican Army achieved an unlikely victory over French forces.

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It’s that victory that you’re celebrating when you throw a party on Cinco de Mayo.

By adding pecans to your guacamole, you’re mimicking the same thing the locals do—plus, it adds a nice crunch to your guac.

Here’s a recipe to try it yourself.


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