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The Paiva Walkways follow the bank of the Paiva River in Aveiro, Portugal. This simple wooden structure, designed to have minimal impact on the environment, allows hikers to see the beauty of this untouched landscape.

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A joint project by the Arouca municipality and engineering company Trimetrica, the walkway stretches for 5 miles, zig-zagging up and down the hilly topography. The challenging 2.5-hour hike starts in Espiunca and ends in Areinho (or vice versa), but is broken up by strategically placed resting points where the view can be appreciated at its best.

As it meanders through the Portuguese countryside it passes waterfalls, forests, quartz crystal deposits and a host of archaeological sites. Plenty of fauna, many of which are endangered species, can be seen undisturbed in their natural environment.

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Photographer Nelson Garrido hiked the route, creating a photo essay that perfectly captures the walkway and its relationship with the surrounding scenery.

To see all the photos, use the photo gallery below:

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