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5 Hidden Treasures You’ll Find In Camden, London – Yettio

Whether you’re moving to London’s most vibrant and quirky borough or simply paying it a visit, here are 5 hidden treasures located in Camden, along with how to find them.

Regent’s Park

Regents Park might be one of London’s most popular Royal parks and public green spaces, but what is far lesser known about it is that the park is not as many believe situated solely in the City of Westminster. In fact, Reagent’s Park occupies both the City of Westminster and the Borough of Camden, bridging the two and providing those visiting or living within Camden with a truly stunning walking route from Camden into the most central part of The Capital.

To learn more about Reagent Park, what not to miss whilst visiting it and what you can hope to enjoy whilst there, visit The Royal Parks Organisation website.

The Welcome Collection

Camden is known for hosting innumerable pop-up shops, galleries, exhibitions and events throughout the year. It is this constant and vibrant culture and both unpretentious and unapologetic love of art in all forms that attracts so many artists, tourists and visitors.

One museum then that is a permanent treasure trove of things to do, see, learn and soak up is that of The Welcome Collection. Constantly hosting drop in events, youth events, interactive experiences and some of the most original exhibitions in London, The Welcome Collection whilst being a museum has definitely found its spiritual home in Camden; after all, what other London museum invites its patrons and visitors to make use of its bohemian styled reading room to throw their own participatory events?

To learn more and how to find the museum, as well as see the exhibitions, events and goings on currently being held there, head over to The Welcome Collection website.

Ladies & Gentlemen

Most people familiar with London avoid its public toilets at all costs. This is never more true than when visiting Camden which is by far neither one of London’s most affluent nor well maintained borough’s when it comes to providing quality public facilities. That said, Camden is also home to one underground toilet that rather than avoid, people (at least those who know it is there and where to find it) flock to.

As featured via the London Fox Letting website blog article: 5 of London’s Alternative Visitor Attractions, Kentish Town’s underground toilet pub, the aptly named Ladies & Gentlemen is one of Camden’s quirkiest pubs in theory and also one of its most tasteful (perhaps somewhat ironically) in reality.

In fact, Ladies & Gentlemen is currently Kentish Town’s only cocktail bar and more generally one of Camden’s best, serving handcrafted cocktails and bar snacks made using local and seasonal ingredients alongside friendly service, making this place one hipster haunt that you needn’t be a hipster to really enjoy.

Found on the Highgate road, those looking for the pub will never get there by looking up at the surrounding buildings and their shop fronts and signage along the high street. So, ahead of trying to find the place, pop over to the Ladies & Gentlemen website to see exactly what the place looks like, as well as find out how to get there.


Ask any of Camden’s resident bibliophiles where they escape the hustle and bustle of a busy week spent working and toiling in The Capital and you are likely to receive the answer: Skoob!

North London’s coolest bookshop and described by Time Out Magazine as: ‘a temple for second hand books’, one of the most refreshing realities about shopping in Skoob is that its prices reflect the quality, condition and edition of its books; that is, customers are not charged inflated prices just because the shop happens to be  a cool place to shop, or situated in London. Whilst that might be standard practise in other corners of the country or even world, in London it is not to be taken for granted.

Then, to while away an afternoon in literary bliss or simply grab some new bedtime reading without being ripped off whilst in Camden, head to Skoob –  and to see how begin by discovering the Skoob Books website.

Little Venice

Camden is famous, loved and celebrated for its quirky and alternative culture and is as such home to some of London’s most bizarre, bright and vibrant bars, shops, markets and people. Amidst all the vividly painted shop fronts, exotic smells radiating from Camden Market’s food court and general bustle of tourists, artists and the likes though is of course Camden Canal.

If you’ve been to Camden before it is likely that you have passed the canal to get to Camden’s sprawling lock market. Far fewer visitors to Camden though realise that the canal is one of Camden’s most beautiful features and as well provides a totally scenic and idyllic means of exploring one of the borough’s most surprising attractions.

Known as Little Venice due to its resemblance to Venice, the best way to discover this tiny pocket and veritable secret garden located just above Paddington is to take a narrow boat tour along the canal itself and straight from Camden Lock. Inexpensive and unmissable, boat tours operate throughout the day along the canal and information as to times as well as prices and how to book is all available via the London Waterbus website.

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