3 Reasons to go on Safari in Durban

Given its wide range of landscapes and diverse wildlife population, Durban is, indeed, a nature lover’s paradise. Here are three reasons to head there for an unforgettable safari experience.

Famous and elusive wildlife species

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast visiting Southern Africa, seeing the Big 5 is probably a top priority. Fortunately, Durban will not disappoint you. Why? Because the region has many outstanding game reserves that offer spectacular opportunities to view Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalo in all of their splendour. It’s said to be the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa, the Hluhluwe Game Reserve is also internationally recognised for its role in Rhino conservation.

Beyond the Big 5, Durban is home to equally beautiful, yet more elusive animal species. The region has many birds like Pelicans, famously flamboyant flamingos, and several rarer types.

The local wildlife population also includes other iconic African animals. Here, you can expect to see giraffes, hippos, hyenas, cheetahs, wild dogs, nyala, and crocodiles when you visit.

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For the most part, prime game viewing takes place at hides overlooking pans and waterholes that allow you to see animals at close range. In many instances, local Zulu guides will take you around the reserves.


A range of scenic landscapes

Durban has a rich variety of landscapes. From hilly areas to riverine bush, savannah and forest, a tour of the region makes for a wonderfully layered safari experience.

If you’re a bird lover, remember to visit the natural heritage site, Bonamanzi, while you’re in Durban. It’s part sand forest, grassland and woodland and is, consequently, home to a rich diversity of bird species.


Durban offers a range of malaria-free safaris, and tours to suit a variety of budgets. Whether you’ve got a family of five or you’re a honeymooner in search of a truly romantic setting, visit the region and get the safari you really want.








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