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26 amazing wildlife facts you probably didn’t know

When sea otters fall sleep, they hold hands to stop themselves drifting apart.

Flickr: joe robertson
Flickr: joe robertson

Japanese snow monkeys have fun by throwing snow balls at each other.snow_monkey_japanese

Female komodo dragons can breed without a male.komodo-dragon-1341176_960_720

Hummingbirds are one of the only species of bird which have the ability to fly backwards.hummingbird-1858416_960_720

The wombat’s dung is shaped like a cube.

Flickr: jomilo75
Flickr: jomilo75

The largest colony of bats in the world is in Texas and has over 20 million

Flickr: mcti6mw2
Flickr: mcti6mw2

Gentoo penguins have life partners which they ‘propose’ to by offering a pebble.

Flickr: Gilad Rom
Flickr: Gilad Rom

Seahorses travel with their life partners by holding the other’s tail.

Flickr: wolf4max
Flickr: wolf4max

There is a type of jellyfish which never dies.

Flickr: Michael W. May
Flickr: Michael W. May

Goats have accents.goat have accents

Dogs wag their tails to the left when happy, and to the right when tail wag

Butterflies taste using their feet.butterfly-1757511_960_720

There are over 50,000 spiders per acre.Spider

Oysters can change gender.pacific-oyster-57652_960_720

The male platypus is venomous.

Flickr: Matt Chan
Flickr: Matt Chan

Elephant shrews are more closely related to elephants than shrews.Elephant shrew

A group of rhinos is called a crash.Rhino

Lobsters can live to over 50.Lobster

Octopus’ have three hearts.Octopus three hearts

Male songbirds sing over 2,000 times a day.Male songbird

Ants never sleep.Ant never sleeps

A woodpecker can peck over 20 times a second.Woodpecker

A hippo’s sweat is pink.Hippo

Moles can dig over 300 feet every day.


Sailfish are the world’s fastest swimmer reaching speeds of 109 km/h.

Flickr: WIDTTF
Flickr: WIDTTF

Fleas jump 200 times their height.

Flickr: AFPMB
Flickr: AFPMB

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