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More than 2,500 redheads flocked to this small Irish village to celebrate fiery locks and freckles

Redheads are a rare breed, with only 0.6 percent of the world population having hair this colour. However, last weekend a small Irish village was host to more than 2,500 flame haired beauties who had come to celebrate the seventh annual Redhead Convention.

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The event in Crosshaven, County Cork started as a joke between a brother and sister in a pub several years ago and has now blossomed into the biggest of its kind in the world. As well as plenty of live music and art, activities included ginger speed dating, carrot tossing and a massive group Ceili dance.

Prizes were also dished out for a wide variety of titles, including best red beard, most freckles per inch, furthest travelled redhead and best red haired baby. A king and queen of the redheads were even crowned in a special mock ceremony.

The convention works together with the Irish Cancer Society, who help to raise awareness about the dangers of skin damage and melanomas, especially among those with freckles and fair skin.

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Underneath the jovial surface, the festival holds an important message of togetherness among red-haired people, enforcing the message that they should be confident and proud of the quality that sets them apart.

Photos: Redhead Convention

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