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If you only have a short amount of time in Ho Chi Minh City, spend it like this.


Breakfast pho in Vietnam

Flickr: Samson Loo

The situation of your hotel room will determine whether you’re woken abruptly by the simultaneous stirring of thousands of bikes, the cries of early morning vendors or quietly by a solitary cockerel (a very small alley would be needed for the last scenario.)

Delve into the streets to seek out some breakfast. A bowl of noodle soup is a quintessential Vietnamese dish, it will set you up for the day as well as being delicious, and depending where you are should only set you back around 25,000 VND or less.

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Around the city there are scatterings of chain pho shops, the best of which is Pho 24, or you can follow in President Clinton’s footsteps in Pho 2000, next to Ben Thanh market.

Otherwise keep your eyes and nose peeled for any street vendors with ‘pho bo’ or ‘Canh’ written on their carts, although only voracious carnivores may delight in the unidentifiable meat included in some broths.

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